The Battle of the Christmas Feast raffles have started for 2017, with your pick of Prawns, Hams or Vouchers in the raffles each Wednesday, Friday & Saturday night until Christmas (or we run out of Prawns).

The prawns are 3kg boxes of Crystal Bay Banana Prawns, they are in high demand this Christmas, we have secured 120 boxes of prawns, that is all. So once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Raffle tickets are on sale at 6:30pm each night, with draws starting at 7:30pm.

Starting 22nd November we will have:

  • 15 draws Wednesday Nights
  • 20 draws Friday Nights
  • 10 draws Saturday Nights

The number of draws may vary as we get closer to Christmas so check on the flyer or our facebook page each week to check how many draws there will be, the flyer info goes up on the facebook page each Tuesday.