Online Raffles and Badge Draws are now happening on Wednesday and Friday nights. With the draws happening LIVE on our Facebook Page


Tickets on sale before the event, And close at 6:55pm the day of the draw (at this stage running Wed & Fri nights) and draw will commence when all numbers are texted out approximately 7:10pm.

Tickets available on line or at the club. A members draw will also be happening after the raffle, you need to be a current 2020/2021 member and to have purchased raffle tickets to be in the running for it.

Tickets available:

Prizes will be listed on the event & Facebook page with numbers so its easy to choose your prize – if you get tickets and are unable to watch live, you can let us know what prizes you are interested in.

Badge Draw:

The badge draw starts at $200 (amount will jackpot each week, so please check event details for current amount).

Conditions to win the badge draw, All members are in the draw but need to be:

  • 20-21 member financial
  • Bought tickets in tonight’s raffle

And that’s it!!!
Pretty simple hey